Club Permit Scheme

The 59 club is modelled on the UK 59 Club that also has a classic section aimed to foster and perpetuate the style of the "Rocker" period of the sixties.
As such the club has available for its members a Club Registration program allowing old bikes to remain on the road. In conjuction with Vic Roads special conditions must be met for such vehicles, and the club also has rules and regulations in place for application into this program.


Changes to the club permit scheme commencing 31 January 2015:
A Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form signed by a club official
Vehicles manufactured after 31 December 1948 will need a current RWC. Not renewals
Vehicles that have modifications outside of the VSI guidelines will also need a VASS approval
Introduction of “ M “ Club Permit plate ( modified outside of guidelines with a VASS approval )
Statutory right off vehicles cannot be issued with Club Plates
Two existing and ongoing requirements
Motorcycles manufactured after 30 June 1975 (other vehicles 31 December 1968) must demonstrate a previous Australian Registration history or have a VASS approval.
Club Permit Vehicles must comply with the Vic Roads Vehicle standards for the date of manufacture.

Any current Club Permit Vehicle can be asked to comply with the new requirements by Vic Roads For a more comprehensive list of the new Club Plate requirements, Vehicle Standards Information (modifications) and Road Safety Regulations, go to the Vic Roads website.…/limite…/club-permit-scheme


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